ImaniXchange was established in May 2013 in Mtepeni Village, Kenya as a women empowerment program. Imani has been teaching 16 women how to sew, as well as educating them through English and Bible classes. All of the women's products will be available to purchase starting January 2014. IXC, changing lives. One product at a time.

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The Faces of ImaniXchange

Mary Chengo

“How to describe Mary? ‘Pure JOY’. Mary has a house full of five children and always seems to find joy in the day. She is excited to have the opportunity to work with ImaniXchange and can not wait to make her first official product for you!”

Mariam Jacob

“Mariam has a smile that brightens a room! Although Mariam is deaf this does not stop her from being in every conversation. She has a beautiful soul and amazing skills. ImaniXchange is grateful to have her a part of the team!”

Marcy Sammy

“At age 20, Marcy is one of our youngest women. She is an outgoing young woman with a bright personality. She can not wait to learn how to sew and create beautiful products that you will be able to enjoy!”

Kadzo Mramba

Kadzo is a widow with 6 children. When we first met Kadzo it took a while to get her to smile, but then she learned how to crochet and she was full of laughter! ImaniXchange has given Kadzo hope and brought the smiles back into her life!”

Grace Kailo

“Grace is a loving mother and friend. She loves to run, give hugs and laugh! Grace is thrilled to be working with ImaniXchange and can not wait for the day when she can finally go to bed not hungry.”